Our name, our corporate philosophy, our visual identity – all of this is marked by movement, change and renewal. Recognizing trends and setting trends is our mission; the talent to  re-invent ourselves over and over again is what makes us unique:

circ – our name

the word “circ” challenges you to figure out what it means and come up with free associations: The grassroots democracy of the round table, an affinity to the circus, or the Greek sorceress Circe, who was known for her powers of seduction – the possibilities are many.

The key to our creativity lies in this vaguely defined name and its suggestive nature. The willingness to look critically at issues, highly specialized artistic skills, a gift for reaching out and touching and enchanting people – to find and follow new pathways: time and again we have to distance ourselves from all things static, and work on our ideas with passion and commitment.

The willingness to come up with associations, thinking in terms of future perspectives and the ability to cross boundaries help us do this. Despite all that is suggestive about our name, one thing is clear: The etymological relationship to the Latin word “circulus”, meaning “circle,” suggests a link between movement and perfection. It represents the constant state of flux of our agency, both externally and internally, and captures the meaning of the professionalism and success which we guarantee our customers.

In the end, everything we do comes full circle!

circ – our philosophy

The inspiration and focus of our agency are based on a clear orientation to the future. Our corporate identity stands out for its natural variety, cultural change and two decades of experience.

We thrill people with the productive power of creative moments – this sense of excitement inspires them to grow beyond themselves.

This form of motivating stimulation is the proven method successfully used by circ. This approach establishes a sense of closeness and trust between people and the company.

As suggested by the Latin term “creare,” a creative process takes place which involves the values of actively doing things while being aware of what is happening at any given moment – “growing and happening” in the sense of the Latin verb “crescere.”

With this approach a creed evolves which responds to the challenges arising from globalization and digitalization – responsibly and playfully, with a view to the future and also firmly grounded, mutable and sustainable.

circ – our corporate design

Innovative design linking our playful and creative spirit with factual data shapes our current corporate image while also communicating content that motivates us as well as influences our behavior.

What effect do technical progress, the media revolution and the rapid transfer of knowledge have on the world we live in? Can the creativity business sector work as a model for economic, political and social development? What harsh differences are revealed by comparing the cultures of major cities? A superficial glance is not enough for circ. We want to go deeper. We want to train our senses for seeing the big picture. Only those who think about the dark side of a development think about solutions that profitably shape progress and avoid placing people at a disadvantage. That is our position.

Real-world data is presented in the form of illustrative diagrams which is registered by audiences mostly as associations. This factual presentation of data activates the audience's aesthetic sensitivity and fantasy before the information itself comes into focus.

Every creative world is an independent artwork. The presentation style used to depict facts and data lends them vibrant emotion.

Our visual identity is a metamorphosis

Since 2002, a team of interdisciplinary designers have worked with 3deluxe to evolve our corporate design in an ongoing, lively process and by doing so meet the challenge, internally and externally, of being a company that never stands still.

How it all began

Anyone who has known us for some time knows how we made our start:

A clear typographic logotype for the company was combined with dynamic photos of a rotating circle: In 1999 this gave the company a modern image for the first time. The moving circle was replaced in 2005 by a virtual digital curtain, which was used as a background for all business stationery and on our website.

In addition to this new key visual, a graphic level was developed which presented nature in an abstract form and enriched the appearance with an attractive, playful component. These plant worlds were used on top quality stationery and are still on display as wall graphics in circ’s offices today.

The second dimension of CI development



Metamorphosis as a mirror: In 2005, expansion in the size of our circ event agency was the catalyst for creating a new image reflecting its new location. The strikingly noticeable natural setting surrounding the agency’s offices became part of the creative concept. Expansive plant arabesques, microscopic structures and detailed observations seem to merge with the shadows cast in the interior by the local flora outside. This “second nature,” understood as a depiction of its perfect nature, is noticeable in all graphic messages the company conveys inside the company and beyond – as wall graphics or a note and sketchbook, for example, where all the elements of how it presents itself are united. Analog and digital illustrations of the “second nature” theme area were integrated into a balanced presentation with various grades of paper, special colors, and exquisite finishes.



The third dimension of CI development

During further organic evolution of the corporate design, the original ideal of “second nature” was transferred to the third dimension. This led to a more sculptural character reflecting the graphic nature and its individual elements.

Our current CI, on the other hand, was created based on the interplay of content.