What initially started with artist management gradually developed into a prize-winning international agency for live communication.
Here is a sound byte from colorful days without worries long ago:

“In the loose and easy fringes of society there live – increasingly on their own and thus a true rarity – those who take a keen pleasure in life, fossils from a colorful age whose importance in terms of diversity of species cannot be emphasized enough.”

Badische Neueste Nachrichten, May 26, 1990, on the tour kickoff in Karlsruhe


The Chapiteau Big Top Theater

It all began with an idea, three co-founders with a longing for unconventional life outside the confines of norms and defensive thinking. The Chapiteau Big Top Theater, which was founded in 1990, was inspired by the 17th-century tradition of traveling troupes of actors, and offered “hands on” theater.

The author and actor Manfred Kessler wrote the plays, the master of ceremonies Kurt Kretschmer handled lighting and sound, and Hans Reitz was responsible for organizing the tour. The big top theater radiated a special magic: A many-colored circus tent, an old English double-decker bus as a mobile coffee house, strings of lights, red and yellow painted camper vans, and an English, German and Swiss mixture of actors, musicians and comedians welcomed spectators to theater presentations which critically confronted social problems in a poetic and fanciful way.

This encouraged Hans Reitz in his youthful, impetuous days to live out his dreams with courage, creativity, a talent for improvisation and untiring effort, and to fascinate people with the exceptional.

circ 21 Cultural Circle

“Wiesbadener Theaterdonner,” “Mondo Kaya,” “Swamp,” “Szenario” ... – after his period with Chapiteau and a number of initiatives for free arts and culture, Hans Reitz was drawn behind the curtain of his own event programs, and the showplace big top theater/circus invited in audiences for galas and company events.

“You think that fantasy isn’t reality? It’s the source of all worlds.”

Pipo the Clown



circ corporate experience

Hans Reitz quickly broadened his range of activities to include directing stage programs, designing his own concepts and being responsible for full event organization. Over time, what had started as artist management developed into a prize-winning agency for the creation and staging of targeted live communication measures for companies such as Allianz, BASF, E.ON, adidas and Volkswagen. In 2001 the growing number of full-time employees made another move necessary. Since then the agency has had its home in the “Unter den Eichen” media park in Wiesbaden.

circ today:

Twenty-five full-time employees, a network of creative service providers, artists and creative arts people, a growing group of regular customers with constantly new challenges,  and a variety of initiatives all united by our sense of responsibility and a promise that we make wholeheartedly: We will never stand still!