There is just as much potential in the future we have before us as there are social problems we want to help solve. Social commitment is a quality consistently found in the biography of Hans Reitz, founder of circ. How small things can have considerable effect:

The entrepreneur Hans Reitz

To inspire people, shape society, succeed in business...

These three elements characterize how Hans Reitz does things and are his elixir of life.

He has always been someone who moves between different worlds and has always been open to many inspiring encounters. A person who notices a lot also has a lot of ideas. A person who has courage and empathy for the essence of others will get things done, not just talk.

Such a person will give others the courage to act, to change things, to turn visions into reality.

In addition to running his agency, he has always remained actively involved in many other projects – whether as initiator or promoter and supporter:


From business to the community – the social idea

„Social is all about you.“

Prof. Muhammad Yunus

Hans Reitz’s personal journey to community service began at a young age. He was fascinated by the movie “Gandhi” and admired the commitment shown by the independent fighter and teacher of morality.

At the age of 20 he travelled to India for the first time, was deeply moved by the country, and his idea that an individual can change not only his immediate surroundings but all of society was reaffirmed there.

Even his commercial beginnings with the Big Top Theater Chapiteau were shaped by the idea of social commitment. For example, using the theme of “Lindenhof is a playground,” in close cooperation with the addiction prevention center of the city of Zurich, an annual meeting place and information center was established with various concerts or shows.

As founder of the circ agency, Hans Reitz expressed his need to assume social responsibility in a purposeful manner and on behalf of his agency became involved in the following projects:

Cooperation with the Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus

Hans Reitz first encountered the later Nobel Peace Prize winner Muhammad Yunus through the Club of Budapest in 2005, and was deeply impressed by his commitment and concepts for combating poverty. At the Vision Summit in Berlin in June 2007, they met again through Peter Spiegel, head of the GENISIS Institute for Social Business and Impact Strategies. That marked the beginning of a close friendship.

In February 2008 Hans Reitz made his first trip to Bangladesh to visit Muhammad Yunus and learn more about the micro credits offered by the Grameen Bank, and to see his social business concept first-hand. In April 2008 Muhammad Yunus visited Germany. During 2008, they became more closely associated and agreed on working more intensively together.

Hans Reitz became Prof. Yunus’ creative adviser, accompanied him to international events and lectures, and in 2009 ultimately founded The Grameen Creative Lab with the goal of giving people the chance to put their creativity to work and support the ideas of Muhammad Yunus.

As a friend and advisor of the Nobel Peace Prize winner, Hans Reitz describes social business as a highly exciting tool for creating greater integration and inclusion, and solving problems wherever they occur. Promotion of society and community service is essential at the local and also the global level.

As a result, the circ agency and The Grameen Creative Lab take part in international projects and regularly launch campaigns in Wiesbaden where both are based.