be playful – it makes you creative

live communication

We are convinced that nothing will move a person more than a moment which seems to be larger than life itself. When that happens, we call this moment an "experience". And that is precisely what we are working for: to reach and inspire people in their entirety through unique and powerful experiences.

For more than 25 years, circ has been co-creating with its national and international customers from areas like energy, life sciences, chemistry, the automotive industry, sports, lifestyle, toys, textile and food.

Our worldwide network includes creative service providers, culture professionals, scientists, artists, and specialists from variety of fields who enable us to offer our customers unique and holistic solutions ranging from the first big idea to the smallest detail.

„Be open for new ideas – that’s how you unleash your potential“

creative consulting

In an accelerating world of transformation, creativity becomes the key competence: both in personal and in entrepreneurial terms by developing new solutions to react to changed conditions and also to create new conditions itself.

circ provides access to resources which help us to find answers to the questions asked by this new era. We help taking a new perspective, we create new opportunities in a playful way, we bring together open-minded thinkers, and we are excited to experiment.

Referring to our "Creative Responsibility" and our holistic principles, we collaborate in co-creation and develop purpose formats, experiential journeys and cultural narratives.