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Uwe Riechert

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managing director

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head of communications

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Besim Isik


Laura Heitmann

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Viktoria Drechsel

creative director

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finance, HR & administration

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Martin Hammer

art consultant

Olivia Neumann

project management

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From coffee farmers to astronauts

The sense of community is the first human quality that matters the most. To be creative, you need partners. Listening and having conversations helps to spread new ideas. This creative power connects us with a wide variety of players and promotes collaboration. The passion we share within our extraordinary network is based on mutual trust in a reliable partnership, and the pleasure we take in creating something new.


circ – our game

We maintain a spirit of playfulness. From this we draw our creativity to inspire people. In doing so, we are guided by four principles. We act in good faith, dependably, authentically and as entrepreneurs. We have confidence in our skills and our creative energy when engaging with our clients. We maintain our loyalty to our clients so they can count on us. We do not turn out imitations but create originals. We act, we are proactive and we tackle the challenges of the future with courage.


Chapiteau Tent Theater

Chapiteau Tent Theater

It all began with an idea, three initiators and a longing for an unconventional life beyond norms and certainties. Founded in 1990, the Chapiteau Tent Theater continued the tradition of the traveling theaters of the 17th century and offered "hands-on" theater. The tent theater exuded a very special magic: actors, musicians and comedians welcomed the audience to theatrical performances that dealt critically with social problems in a poetic and imaginative way. This encouraged Hans Reitz in his young, impetuous years to live his dreams with courage, creativity, a talent for improvisation and tireless commitment and to inspire people for the extraordinary.

circ corporate experience

circ corporate experience

Hans Reitz quickly expanded his field of activity by directing stage programmes, designing his own concepts and the overall organization of events. What began with artist management developed over time into an award-winning agency for the creation and staging of targeted live communication measures for companies such as Allianz, BASF, E.ON, adidas and Volkswagen. In 2001, the growing number of permanent employees made another move necessary. Since then, the agency has had its home in the "Unter den Eichen" media park in Wiesbaden.

circ today

circ today

circ is a constantly growing circle of permanent and freelance employees from a wide range of professions. They all share an enthusiasm for the agency's creative culture of collaboration, agility and innovative strength.