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Hans Reitz

founder & managing director

Uwe Riechert

partner & representative

Ilona Geimer

partner & representative

Besim Isik


Anne Pabst

senior expert

Julia Blum

senior expert

Laura Heitmann

senior expert

Viktoria Drechsel

creative director

Michael Brohm

senior expert

Romy Weick


Vanessa Spindler


Florian Budzinski

feel good manager

Mario Dörrich


Melanie Gödeke


Mara Morant Röntgen

project management

Katja Perner

head of communications

Sophie Schüler

project management

Olivia Neumann

project management

Richard Nerger

project management
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circ network

From coffee farmers to astronauts

The sense of community is the first human quality that matters the most. To be creative, you need partners. Listening and having conversations helps to spread new ideas. This creative power connects us with a wide variety of players and promotes collaboration. The passion we share within our extraordinary network is based on mutual trust in a reliable partnership, and the pleasure we take in creating something new.
grameen creative lab

Social business – an answer

Answers enable us to assume responsibility even when addressing uncomfortable questions. One of these answers is the Grameen Creative Lab founded in cooperation with Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus. The approach is to counteract social inequality by promoting equal opportunities. To spread the idea of social business, the Grameen Creative Lab is active in consulting global players from industry, sports and culture. It’s about social, welfare, and environmental questions which are being answered by an ever-expanding community ranging from major groups down to micro-enterprises.
Perfect Day– your rain forest café

There is no time for bad coffee

What does an agency dedicated to live communication & creative consulting have in common with a café? – To bring their values to live! For people to believe in our ideas and attitudes, we must put them into practice and use them to give inspiration to others. Combining social business and café culture opens up endless opportunities for circ to live its responsibility and practice sustainability. Perfect Day is the playing field for innovation and making improvements from coffee farming in the Indian forest, to circular processes in production, to the use of vegetarian and regional products.

The best and most cherished things for children and parents

A child's curiosity provides an ever-growing source of strength. And this was circ's inspiration for creating Lalaland. Loving – playful – caring, these are the words which describe what this brand is all about. It means to do social business in one's immediate environment while taking pleasure in practising social responsibility. Lalaland can stand for any location, whether temporary or permanent, where people can meet and be inspired.


circ – our game

We maintain a spirit of playfulness. From this we draw our creativity to inspire people. In doing so, we are guided by four principles. We act in good faith, dependably, authentically and as entrepreneurs. We have confidence in our skills and our creative energy when engaging with our clients. We maintain our loyalty to our clients so they can count on us. We do not turn out imitations but create originals. We act, we are proactive and we tackle the challenges of the future with courage.