what's up

01 11 2019

The Global Social Business Summit Berlin 2019 – The Gathering

On 7 and 8 November 2019, we met in Berlin to take a joint look at the future: What will the Social Business Movement look like in 10 years? 550 representatives from business, science, politics, society and art came together to discuss business models designed to pursue social and environmental goals. Participants from 54 countries joined various workshops to develop their ideas for making the world a more sustainable and social driven place. Bringing the Sustainable Development Goals into action was one of the main elements.

All participants also committed to attend the SuperHappYYness Festival to be held in Munich from 26 to 29 June 2020. On this occasion, the social business world will have a meet up with important international figures, and also celebrate the 80th birthday of Nobel Peace Prize laureate Prof. Muhammad Yunus.

13 10 2019

Perfect Day - your rain forest café

Today, we celebrated the soft-opening with its new design. Its concept is responsibility through sustainability, covering every aspect from coffee blossom to regionally grown organic food while also providing a place for good neighbours to meet and promote the exchange of ideas. For its new design, Perfect Day relies on recycled materials, and on its individual, urban and natural character.

02 10 2019

E.ON Day 1 Radio

As part of the integration of innogy, an internal communications campaign was developed together with E.ON in the form of a web radio show following the principle from the people for people.

The radio show was established to connect over 70,000 employees belonging to the new E.ON in all 15 European countries. This interactive Day 1 radio program was broadcast from the main studio located in the city of Essen during 24 hours. It included a total of 10 hours of live moderation which was translated into 10 languages, and streamed through 13 individual and regional channels. Developing the content for the radio program provided an opportunity for the employees from both companies to meet and collaborate with each other.

19 09 2019

Germany's first H&M LAB CAFE

H&M opened its first H&M LAB CAFE in Heidelberg. The menu includes coffee specialities and  seasonal culinary snacks which are freshly prepared and coming from regional providers following the traditions of Scandinavian cuisine. circ cooperated with H&M LAB Germany to draw up the entire concept for the cuisine project.