New Neighbourhood Circus

New Neighbourhood Circus

The New Neighbourhood Circus provides opportunities to think about how we are dealing with one another. Various formats and actions help us to create enthusiasm in a neighbourhood, and give more value to its environment.

Interactive formats like Purpose Dialogues, Pecha Kucha Festivals, lectures and open discussions are realised in cooperation with partners. The New Neighbourhood Circus also provides a new impulse trough culture and performance, by staging artistic events, organising street festivals or after-work events.

Apart from locations, which change depending on every occasion, the "Classroom" has been available as a permanent place for creativity, imagination and a spirt of community on the first floor of Café Perfect Day in downtown Wiesbaden. Its innovative interior design uses recycled materials and renewable resources, and provides room for ideas to grow on how to improve the quality of life in this city and our environment in order to make them more lovable.

Our aim is to create a stronger community on a sustainable basis in our own city, make people more appreciative of their environment, and leave the place better than we found it.