E.ON tWEx 2022 - together WE x

E.ON tWEx 2022 - together WE x

In co-creation with the European energy company E.ON, circ designed a new format of leadership conference against the backdrop of the current geopolitical crisis.

Despite these difficult conditions, 400 participants came together in Berlin for 2.5 days. Following the credo "culture can be changed by concretely 'doing' something different", tWEx 2022 set new standards in the areas of event formats, participation, communication and gamification.

Inspiring personalities such as a former German Foreign Minister and a co-founder of Zalando discussed geopolitical and economic issues with the audience. Based on a digital gamification concept, the participants were able to experience E.ON's lighthouse projects interactively and playfully throughout an exhibition. In teams, they had to face various challenges and collect points in order to win the game.

Finally, the participants were surprised in one of the largest recording studios in Europe with a concert of the ADDA Synphony Orchestra consisting of 75 soloists and the Maestro Josep Vicent. In a creative exchange, the conductor and the CEO of E.ON SE discussed what the art of leading means and constitutes.